Doug Allen, lead Attorney and Founder of, has found that most people he has represented over the past decade were normal, everyday folks who made mistakes, paid the price, and want to get on with life.

Clearing up a past problem can help that goal.


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About the Lead Attorney and Founder

Thomas "Doug" Allen has been in private practice in Southern California since 1991, and has represented hundreds of people charged with criminal offenses. He has found most are normal, everyday people who have made mistakes, or who have had alcohol or drug problems.

Doug believes that those mistakes should not destroy the lives of the people who made them so he founded  Since the "9/11" attacks many people have experienced renewed problems with their prior convictions as background checks become more common and more in-depth.

Some more background:

Doug was a police officer for the the City of Claremont for 13 years, and achieved the rank of Captain; he was acting Chief of Police for six months.

In private practice for the last 19 years he has represented clients charged with offenses ranging from possession of alcohol to first degree murder; Doug has represented hundreds of clients all over California. He has recently limited his practice to concentrate on record Expungements.

He has been a lecturer in Criminal Law at California State University, San Bernardino, and been used by both plaintiff and defense as a consultant and expert in law enforcement and legal malpractice litigation.

He is admitted to practice law in all California Courts, the United States Supreme Court, Federal District Court in Los Angeles, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces. He has two published California Appellate decisions (most lawyers go their entire career without a published case) He is a member of the California State Bar, San Bernardino County Bar Association, and California DUI Defenders.

Doug was interviewed by TIME magazine along with six other attorneys nationwide regarding the impact of the September 11th attacks on the court and jury system in criminal cases.

Doug has been married for 27 years and has four sons; two in college (Cal State Long Beach & UC Santa Barbara), and 18 year old identical twins who are college freshmen.

A creative and non traditional approach emphasized, drawing upon a unique background from both sides of the Criminal Justice system. Clients are seen as the individuals they are, not as "defendants" in the impersonal and unconcerned criminal justice system. You can see Doug's State Bar information here.

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